The Undertow

A New Play
Written, Directed, and Produced by Robert Plonskier

Meredith A. Watson
Michelle Scarr

Costume Design
Annie Simon


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The Muriel Schulman Theater at Triskelion Arts
106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222
(entrance on Banker St. side)

9/23 3pm, 9/24 8pm, 9/30 3pm, 10/1 8pm, 10/7 3pm
$18 advance tix, $22 at door


1hr 30 min.

Image by Barry Rothstein Designs LLC

Feel free to reach out to The Undertow with any questions or concerns at undertowplay@gmail.com

Story Description:

Mrs. Tammy James, a high school guidance counselor, is approached in her office by a female student, Devon. Devon has taken issue with an earlier classroom incident, between an older male teacher and a muscular jock. But Mrs. James, a black woman, isn’t as responsive to Devon’s views on race and sex as she’d like her to be. What follows is a conversational tug-of-war, with one side demanding resentment, and the other just wanting to call the path her own.

Talent Bios:

Meredith A. Watson

Having forged her way through the history of life with a prayer, song, a sail and some awesome cookies, Meredith is super excited to be apart of the awesome production of “The Undertow”.  While she has exhibited some intelligence in the past,present and possibly the future, she doesn’t take herself too seriously but enjoys exploring theater, film and an occasional grocery store but only in foreign countries.  Notable roles include: Jory in “Disgraced”, Tanisha in “My Life:  Mary J. Blige Chronicles, Tituba in “The Crucible”and Evelyn in “Uniform Justice”.  Meredith has an engineering degree but only uses it for good to teach the children of the future. Hopefully you laughed because 75% of this bio is sort of true…

Michelle Scarr

Michelle Scarr is a down to earth actress based in NYC. Her most recent Off Broadway theatre credits include 12 Angry JurorsAlmost, MaineLaundry & BourbonFirework Unexploded, and Les Miserables. Michelle can also be seen in an upcoming horror movie produced by James Franco, soon to be released. She studied at 2 Year Meisner Conservatory, Studio 4 NYC. She also is a singer, writer, and poet. Follow her antics on twitter & instagram: @shell_my_belle.


Annie Simon

Annie Simon is a Brooklyn based freelance costume designer and feminist.  She designs for the stage and film.  Some stage credits include: “Porgy and Bess” and “Afram Ou La Belle Swita” Spoleto Festival; “The Nerd” Bucks County Playhouse, “Second Langue” and “Uncle Vanya” Target Margin Theater company. Some released films include “Anesthesia” dir: Tim Blake Nelson, “Front Cover” dir: Ray Yeung and “Wildlike” dir: Frank Hall Greene.  She won outstanding costume design from the Kennedy Center for her work on Barthlemew Fair with Muhlenberg College. Annie got her MFA from NYU and is extremely happy to be working with Rob Plonskier.

Robert Plonskier

Rob occasionally volunteers to clean men’s bathrooms at country clubs. He loves it when people are freaking out about something. Doesn’t matter what it is. This is his first (self) produced play!